Point Break Australia

Point Break Australia is an Education Agency based in Perth, Western Australia.

The headquarter is located in Perth (WA).

We operate nationwide through the collaboration of diverse partners around Australia.


We offer face to face / phone / email / Skype consultations with the our Partner  Migration Agents and Lawyers to help you plan your temporary or permanent relocation to Australia and/or to establish your visa options. Whether you just need some advices such as understanding your rights and obligations, or you want to be supported during the full process of your visa application, our agents will step in and partner with you to achieve a successful immigration outcome.



The Qualified Education Agents of PB will provide FREE consultations to support you through your study path in Australia. Whether you need assistance to choose the most suitable course, to enrol in school/Institute/University, to undertake a Health Insurance Cover, and/or apply for a Student Visa, our agents will work through all the details with you to find the best customized solution and ensure the highest chances of acceptance.


First steps are always challenging so come and see us to sort the basics out.

We can help you, thanks to our massive network of collaborators, professionals and associates, for:

  • Private health insurance
  • Tax Return
  • Curriculum Vitae and/or Cover Letter
  • Find a job
  • Career development

We handle all the research, communications, documents and application submission to reduce your stress, so you will just enjoy your stay in Australia!